Gamlet's Rest

As it is, So shall it be

See thee the sculptures in the corner?

As you enter, you see several hanging vessels, each burning some sweet smelling substance. The air is filled with the purple mist thus created. It relaxes and calms you. Also within this tent I have placed several small objects of polished stone.Using the crafts  me mother has taught me, I have imbued these objects with a certain --talent. They hold within their nature, reflections of things I have visioned. They be called Sound Sculptures. If one sits within the tent and, with eyes closed, calls forth a restful state, a thing, mayhaps, shall evolve some. For now in such a state, if one cradles one of the objects and softly strokes its surface, and all be right,  a sound image might attend bringing forth a vision born of the mind and spirit.
  Mongst me people, such objects are much prized as they can be most soothing in times of stress.

Hold ye the stone and close your eyes-the vision will enfold thee